“IAMKL” is a team of successful entrepreneurs who have got the valuable experience of running successful businesses and bringing in results. We have got valuable expertise in branding and successful commercialisation of the products starting from development of ideas to sourcing and bringing them into the market. We are very keen to use our knowledge, resources and expertise to create a trendy lifestyle engaging fashion with other exciting elements.

directors of imkl

aesos lai

Aesos is an Award-Winning Marketeer and Seasoned Professional with more than 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Branding in industries ranging from Music Entertainment, Movie Production to Food, Retail and Tourism-related businesses. Being an “Idea-Person”, Aesos brings creativity and entrepreneur spirit to all his business endeavours. He strongly believes that “a strong brand builds a successful business”. Aesos is able to think out of the box, do out of the box, and continuously explores new opportunities not just for business but also for his own personal development.

dato' danny tan

Dato’ Dr Danny Tan holds a Doctor of Professional Studies (International Trade) from Global University for Lifelong Learning California, USA (GULL). Dato’ Dr Danny Tan is the Managing Director of Dansonpack Group of Companies, CAIQ Test Innovation (Malaysia) Service Center, HYT Cross Border Sdn Bhd, MH Cross Border Sdn Bhd, Panda Food Management Group Sdn Bhd, Cafe De Valley Sdn Bhd & AEGIS Malinnov Sdn Bhd. Dato’ had been awarded by Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards in the year of 2017 and Asia Success Award of “Super Service Quality” on the 3rd Asia Success Award in the year of 2013.

Recently, Dato’ Dr. Danny Tan had established HYT Cross Border Sdn Bhd which is the business partner of the Guangdong E-Commerce Association, owns sufficient resources on all the main E-Commerce retails platform like Alibaba, that covering 90% online consumers in China. By providing one-stop professional services such as customs clearance, logistics, warehousing and trademark registration applications and so on to help Malaysian enterprises to expand into the China E-Commerce market. In the meantime, Dato’ also establish MH Cross Border Sdn Bhd in Hong Kong, promote “Truly Malaysia” Malaysia products. It’s an offline and online platform which helping Malaysian SME opens the door to Hong Kong new O2O retail store that targeting 1.3billion Chinese consumers.

Dato’ Dr. Danny Tan actively involved in the NGO Association. Currently Dato’ is the Public Affairs Advisor in Malaysia of Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association, Chief Representative in Malaysia of Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce catering Professional, Central/Wilayah’s District Chairperson of International Lions Club Malaysia District 308B1, and also the former President of Lions Club KL Bukit Bintang District of Kuala Lumpur, Deputy President of the Silk Road International Association (SRIA), Member of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation and Member of the MAYCHAM China.

ong peng chu

Ong Peng Chu is a music veteran with more than 40 years experience from performance arts, international music associations to managing artists as well music and movie production. Mr. Ong currently owns a Music Company and a Video & Movie Production House. He is wellknown for developing Sheila Hamzah in the China market 5 years ago. His current protege, Jeryl Lee was in the Top 6 of Sing China a few years ago, China’s most prestigious singing competition

emdad hussain

After completing his honors degree in United Kingdom, majoring in Mechatronics Engineering, he worked on various projects as an engineer and later as brand ambassador in service industry there. Back in 2016 he started to run his own trading, export business and incorporated his company the same year in Malaysia. Since then he has been working with renown local brands and companies. Currently he owns textile manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and also running few start up companies ranging from IT to service based industry.


We want to develop new range of products for our in house brands and market them effectively with the help of strong eye catching contents. We intend to add a new dimension to the existing fashion industry and bring on sustainability at full scale. In next phase we would like to design new merchandises to provide a better sustainable solution. In addition to that we would like to help exciting talents grow and create opportunities for the young minds who have got great ideas to offer. Social responsibility aspects are at the core of our business model and we would engage in such activities where and when possible. With the help of our resources, experience and knowledge; we would like to create a sustainable business model where everyone involved with us will be greatly benefitted.